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If for no other reason, see the new movie “Play the Game” for the most unexpected sex scene of It’s between a year-old, red negligee-attired Liz Sheridan – James Dean’s formerly betrothed and Jerry’s mom on “Seinfeld” – and an year-old Andy Griffith , whose character has been slipped Viagra into his drink instead of Metamucil. Tender, funny and over the top, it’s a scene filled with enough giddy exuberance to cancel out the bawdiness of the material. So it was just funny. Reportedly, Sheridan’s silk wardrobe clashed with the silk sheets of the bed and caused her to take a near-spill. You won’t see that moment play out in the film, but it would have been strangely appropriate.

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Keep informed about any suspicious activity, send urgent updates to your neighbours when required and discuss emergency planning. Get to know your neighbours Browse the directory and start getting to know your neighbours. Send a private message. Buy, sell and give away Want to declutter your garage? Buy some used household items? Give away some garden stuff?

Your Sheets Might Be Ruining Your Sex Life. A PSA to Also, black silk sheets? Have you ever dated a guy whose sheets were just gross?

Who knew? A guy’s mattress can provide some crucial intel about his mind’s inner workings. Simple, basic bedding in black, tan, or white indicates that he’s uncomplicated and direct. You may not be having contortionist-style sex on those vanilla-hued sheets, but at least you’ll never have to wonder what’s on his mind. Electric blue is a choice. And it’s one that says he isn’t afraid to go against the grain.

We Tried Out The New App That Calls Itself ‘Tinder Minus Poor People’ And Here’s What Happened

But there are plenty of other uses for these apps that aren’t being exploited. For example, making someone believe you actually like them, getting them to buy you stuff, then disappearing forever. We thought we’d trial that potential usage by asking three writers—a straight girl on Luxy, a gay guy on Grindr, and a straight guy on Tinder—to use their respective app to blag as much free stuff as they could, armed only with a 3G phone and a concerning lack of guilt.

I like champagne, expensive cheese, and silk sheets. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong career path. I mostly subsist on frozen pizzas and can’t afford so much as an overnight in a Southampton Travelodge.

Silk sheets. She froze. She didn’t own silk sheets. Her bedding was made up of one hundred percent Egyptian cotton. All twelve, rich colored sets were cotton.

I’ve been going through a Guinness phase. It started in February of this year when I went to a cousin’s wedding in Ireland. I must have drunk, ooh, I don’t know a hundred pints of it in four days. Slight exaggeration but I did drain at least thirteen pints on the last day. And how did I feel? I feel like if it was my life’s work I could hone myself to drink fifty pints of it and still perform open heart surgery.

It’s just like drinking cream. But I don’t find it heavy like some people say, a double cream. I find it a single cream. A chilled black single cream. Some say it’s bitter. Not me. There’s a certain chalkiness but mostly, for me, it’s a blank flavour. More a silk sheet.

I Used the Rich-People Dating App Luxy to Score as Much Free Shit as I Could

By Rowan Pelling. There are horrors that can terminate a blind date from five paces, and one leading contender is the creepy boudoir. Imagine your suitor flinging wide their bedroom door to reveal walls painted a virulent shade of mauve. Certain truths are self-evident, and amethyst walls being wrong in any bedroom is just one of them.

I like champagne, expensive cheese, and silk sheets. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong career path. I mostly subsist on frozen pizzas and can’t afford so much as.

We ship fast and free Australia-wide. You have nights to fall in love with the Ecosa. Not loving it? Transform your sleep to the best one yet! Our products are high in quality and proven to improve your sleep. We bought two king single mattresses to go on our adjustable beds. Ordering and delivery was quick and easy.

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S ilk has long been the ultimate in luxury textiles. It can conjure images of the wealthy and powerful of China, Marilyn Monroe claiming to only sleep naked in silk sheets and the high end of the sensuous lingerie market. Now, research from all around the world is showing how versatile and useful this natural fibre can be. Medical trials are using silk proteins to save lives, while silk clothing has been shown to be able to assist with everything from dermatitis to vaginal thrush.

The ability of silk to fight the signs of ageing is also becoming better understood, allowing us to use these natural properties to turn back time — at least a little! Silk is an environmentally sustainable and biodegradable natural fibre, too, so it certainly deserves further investigation into how its amazing properties can benefit humanity.

We are online store for ORGANIC Bedding – Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Silk only fabric that has been discovered by archaeologists, dating back 4, years.

We’d love to learn more about your shopping experiences on Belledorm and how we can improve our service to you! Our warehouse is fully stocked with more than 3, bed linen products ready for immediate dispatch. Under normal conditions of domestic use our bed linen is guaranteed for up to 7 years from the date of purchase. Excellent product, purchased to match sheets I had previously purchased.

Also, 1st class customer service. Good quality at a good price. I have always found Belledorm products worth buying. A super quality cotton sheet!

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Living in Atlanta, cycling routes are hard to come by. A combination of heavy traffic, stoplights, and a lack of respect from motorists prevent cyclists from clocking much enjoyable time in the city. But not far from the Atlanta city limits are plenty of backroads ribboning their way over rolling hills, past farmlands, and through scenic southeastern landscapes. These country rides will amp up your heart rate and help you find your cycling cadence.

The ride is predominantly flat, however the first 15 miles of the trail are often crowded with recreational cyclists, walkers and runners, as well as street crossings almost every mile. Perfect for replacing all those calories you lost at Silk Sheets.

Included: One book, printed on silk sheets, One pair of white handling gloves, “​Master Sun’s Rules of Warfare”) is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating.

Click here to read the full article. And while cotton versions are great, silk offers a much more luxurious alternative. While we typically think of silk as something to wear, dressing our beds in the material is a quick way to upgrade a sleeping experience. Speaking of your skin, there are naturally occurring amino acids in silk sheets that will help you improve your skin and your hair, as well as helping to curb the presence of dust mites to aid those with allergies.

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A uniquely important depiction of India and the Silk Road, three sheets from a sheet Lafreri School wall map of Asia, by the great master Giovanni Francesco Camocio. We believe that the 3 sheets are drawn from a sheet map of Asia by Camocio, which quite possibly was never completed. A discussion of the map source appears at the bottom of this description. While only a fragment of the full map, the 3 sheets are highly detailed and of a large scale, and are thus highly important records of 16th-century European knowledge of South and Central Asia.

The depiction of India is a truly fascinating overview of the European conception of the subcontinent from the mid 16th-century.

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A backpacking essential that can add years to the life of your sleeping bag and temperature to its range, a liner — sometimes known as a travel sheet — is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your camping experience. It provides a layer of protection from ants and the sheets in less-than-meticulous and cheap hostels. The extra warmth it does add — particularly a wool or fleece one — will make the difference.

And if the weather warms up, just remove it. A travel sheet will also make your sleeping bag last longer by providing an extra layer of protection from sweat and dirt. We tested these liners with our favourite sleeping bags — both mummy- and rectangular-shaped styles — looking for how much warmth they added, how breathable they were, and how well they fitted into the bag because the worst feature of some liners is that they bunch up at the bottom of your sleeping bag.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. Perfect for warm or cold camping, this comfortable and breathable liner doubles as a bug proof travel sheet for when you want to pack light.

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All over Europe, silk was a mark of wealth and power. In Venice, silk was worn by ecclesiastical figures, doges and other government officials, as well as wealthy patricians who wished to convey their status in society. The piece of crimson silk displayed above is a prime example of a preferred fabric among the Venetian elite when it came to clothing. The pattern is lobed palmettes, and is delineated by the juxtaposition of two different heights of dense silk velvet pile. Even more telling of this idea is that Titian outfitted Francesco Pesaro in such a fabric in his famous Pesaro altarpiece, dated A look at Doge portraiture also conveys the centrality of luxurious silk fabrics in high Venetian society.

Pros: Silk/satin sheets have a very luxurious feel to them., and are super soft. They also trap warmth, so if you are a cold sleeper, these may be.

Silk and silk production have a rich history dating back several thousand years. The formal name given to silk production is sericulture. It is a process invented and perfected by the Chinese, and a secret they were able to keep from the rest of the world for several thousand years by different means, including putting anyone to death who tried to smuggle the secrets of sericulture or the silkworms out of China. Today, sericulture has been mastered by many countries although it is still the Chinese who produce more silk than any other country in the world, about half of all silk.

They are true masters at the process of raising silkworms, harvesting their cocoons, retrieving the silk filament from each of the cocoons, spinning it into silk thread, weaving it into silk cloth, dying it, and lavishly embroidering it. It is an exacting and demanding process.

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